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Why Us?

Our team consists of those who are board members of masajids or in charge of Islamic Institutes. Due to our experience we understand your needs and are ready to help at every moment

Starting at $500


About Us

Masjid Marketing was founded by a team of board members who saw the need of professional websites for Masajids and Islamic Institutes of Atlanta. Being board members themselves, they understand the need of all masajids and Islamic Institutes, especially when it comes to donor management. They are ready to help and guide with their own experiences, regardless of if you are new masjid or an old Masjid they are ready to assist and help.

  • Flyers 80%
  • Website Design & Development 60%
  • Brand Identity 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90%

Our Services

Masjid Websites

Donation Portal

Event Flyers



with Amazing Donation Features Like:

Credit Card Fee Recovery Option

Gift/Tribute Option

Recurring Donations

Easy Donor Management

Manual Donations

And more...

Simple and Pain Free Giving

Keep donors on your website. No bouncing to a third-party site or platform. The donation plugin works great, directly in WordPress.

Zero Commission Charges

Concentrate on your Cause, and not the cost. We earn our income by selling Add-ons and not from donor giving; period.

Easy to Customize and Enhance

Give is built by WordImpress. Our plugins are intuitive, actively supported, and well documented. Find out more about us.

Recent Work

  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development
  • Flyers

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